Jack works with NSW Health and is the owner of Bak & Bak, a busy cafe in Crows Nest, a bustling shopping precinct in Sydney. Claire is an assurance manager by profession, but a passionate and talented seamstress. 

The Every Mask was founded when Jack was searching for a reusable and fashionable face mask for everyday wear. He then realized that not only there was a scarcity in the variety of suppliers, there was also limited supply and long wait times.

He then thought of his good friend and neighbour Claire, to make one for him. Impressed by the quality, workmanship and how comfortable it was to wear it for long periods of time, they then decided to collaborate and contribute the supply of masks to the community.

Jack & Claire intend to leverage on their available platform to spread awareness, safe health practices, and the importance of masks in preventing the spread of Covid.

The brand "The Every Mask" is coined as the masks' practicality means it could be easily worn at any occasion, with any dress code, and fits everyone.

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72A Willoughby Road

Crows Nest 2067

Sydney NSW